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Facial and body skin care

· SPA cleansing

Ultrasonic facial treatment is highly effective, gentle, non-invasive, safe and suitable for all skin types, from Acne to Rosacea Mature skin

Ultrasound frequency to:

  • exfoliate dead cells for a clearer, healthier complexion without the redness and irritation
  • loosen and remove oil, dirt and cellular debris from follicles for cleaner, healthier skin. Pores diminish in size and bacteria levels are reduced:
  • gently stimulate skin to produce collagen and elastin. Fine lines and wrinkles are diminished: skin is restored to smooth, youthful glow and maintained with regular treatments.

Perfect express-care with underground hot water for those, who wish to make their skin smooth and fresh. The offered means: Face lotion, whey, facials, cocktails, gel-creams and cleansing creams.

· SPA care of all types of skin

The perfect means restores the natural balance of dampness and nutrients, nourishes the sells with oxygen securing the elasticity and freshness of the skin. It also protects the skin from undesirable effects of the environment and whitens pigmentation spots.

The offered means: lotion, whey, facials, cocktails, gel-creams, cleansing creams and whitening creams.

· SPA care of oily and problematic skins

The squeezing of water plants remove gently the dead sells of the cornea deeply cleans and narrows the pores, smoothes out the texture of the skin. It also regulates the functioning of the sebaceous glands removing the fat shine. These means are gifted with anti-inflammatory qualities.

The offered means: lotions, facials, whey, anti-peeling, gels, cleansing creams, whitening means, massage creams, citric means, cleansing tonics.

· SPA rejuvenation

This section reveals and affects the causes of ageing stimulating the most important functioning of the skin for preserving youth.

The offered means: universal facials such as rejuvenation, lifting creams, prophylactic (preventive) whey, fito-hormonal night creams.

· Spa care of the contours of eyes and lips

Taking care for the most subtle parts of the face will help you prevent and overcome the wrinkles, remove the bags and dark circles around the eyes, protect the skin from UV rays and correct the form of your lips. Active business women whose eyes are always tensed now cannot be afraid of loosing the shine of their eyes.

Offered means: make up removing lotions, strengthening creams, cleansing means.

· SPA care for men

Sea constituents will help your skin not to dry out, will raise the tone, soften the skin and prevent ageing, effectively calm down the irritation after shaving curing small cuts.

The offered means: balsams for the skin around the eyes, after-shave lotions

· Spa care of body skin

Removes from the skin the layers of dead sells and cleans it thoroughly, protects the skin from drying out, saturates with vitamins and microelements, moistens and nourishes even the most anhydrous skin making it soft and silky.


Cleans the outer contamination of the skin, softens and nourishes it, removes wrinkles, pigmentation spots, pimple traces, and smoothes out the skin and improves its color.

Chemical peels remove old, dead skin cells and damaged layers of skin to reveal younger, softer and even-toned layers beneath.

Types of Chemical Peels

  • Light
  • Medium
  • Deep

Chemical peels are one of the least invasive ways to improve the look of your skin. They are used on face, hands and neck to give more youthful appearance to you. 


Professional removing of wrinkles with the help of botuline toxins of A (dysport) type.

This procedure lasts no more than 10 minutes. The skillful doctor will do a painless injection effectively removing mimicry wrinkles without leaving a single trace even from the injection. The result will be obvious already in 2-3 days. 2 injections in a year are enough for keeping the permanent result.

Contour Plastics

Not so long ago in order to make the tissues luxuriant only synthetic gels (acryl, silicone?) were used. However, being alien to organism their usage resulted in a number of problems (inflammation, thickening, and migration) and very often only operation could solve them. That is why preparations close to human skin physiology began to be worked out, which with the help of contour plastics secure:

· Smoothing out horizontal wrinkles on the forehead
· Smoothing out vertical wrinkles between eyebrows
· Smoothing out the wrinkles on the bridge of the nose and the hooked wrinkles on the dorsal part of it.
· Smoothing out of the outer angle of the eyes and of the goose feet
· Smoothing out of the wrinkles on the temple
· Smoothing out the nose-lip wrinkles
· Smoothing out the wrinkles on the angles of the mouth (wrinkles of smile)
· Smoothing out the wrinkles on the upper and lower parts of the lips
· Removing of fresh scars (e.g. after pimples)
· Changing the size and the forms of the lips
· Changing the form of the cheek-bones, cheeks and the chin