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SPA- procedures

Spa treatments are applied for curing joint respiratory tracks, metabolism breach, alimentary canal, kidney and pancreas deceases. All these treatments are held due to Baden-Baden technology.

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The methods of using water are various, such as taking bathes showers, inhalation, and drinking treatments. Our SPA center is in some sense a small Baden-Baden in Armenia, as Ocean, Caracalla hydro-therapeutic bathes, Juvense untouchable cosmetological sofa of mud treatment and thalassotherapy, Sharko shower and Vishi shower are all from Baden-Baden.


Covering with water-plants especially with those dark brown and red ones of the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea has an anti-toxicological effect and saturates the skin with microelements, proteins and the vitamins of B and E group. It is recommended to use then while taking the course of loosing weigh. The process will allow you to get rid of unnecessary weight, acquire slim figure and beautiful and silky skin.

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Mineral water treatment

Bathes and the sea salts, water plants, essential oils and plant extracts accompanied by hydro massage, calm down the nervous systems, energize and sluggish metabolism, relax the muscles. Our specialists reached such original results due to Thalac and Algologie professional cosmetics. It is also recommended to take a bath after trainings. After the treatments your skin will be soft and silky without extra moisture. It is suitable for all skin types.

Mud applications

This treatment, based on curing with the seaweeds, is an original tradition of ages. It relaxes rheumatic pains, makes an anti-inflammatory unaesthetic effect, and saturates the skin with mineral minerals.

Anti-cellulite care

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Original composition and modern technologies allow the active components of Thalac's and Algologies body care means to penetrate deeply under the skin, change the process of metabolism in the fat tissues, effect on the quality of the skin structure, restore its elasticity and healthy look. This treatment secures four-sided effect: it is splits and dissolves the fat- cells, secures their removal, increases microcirculation, improves limph-drinage.

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Vichi shower

Imagine warm summer raindrops caress you - generous splashes of five water flows wrap you relaxing the tenseness, drifting away anxiety, insomnia and stress. The result of this peculiar relaxing message is indispensable for those who lead an active life-style, often travel by planes and, of course, those who do sports. You are swimming slowly and relaxing in subtle waves, enjoying a kind of heavenly bliss.

Sharko shower

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It effects your by tight and strong touches, strengthens an immune system, freshens up, and raises the tone and the mood, conveying acute and pleasant feelings. It is widely used in all the programs of the reshapement of the figure satisfying the demands of modern people- to look well and to be in a perfect shape. Baden-Baden has worked out an original method for health and appearance recovery, face and body skin care and successfully realizes it in all the beauty institutions of the world.

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Cocktails, medical teas, decoctions, infusions

To restore beauty, health and well-being Thalac and Algologie offer inner treatment courses by taking infusions and decoctions made of master plants. Based on the healthy qualities of the see-weeds they are indispensable for the process of the reshapement of the figure, for the struggle against age alteration of the skin, for the recovery of the organism and skin on the whole and especially for hormonal alterations and during post-delivery recovery period. The cocktail is chosen individually for the visitor-patient depending on his/her state.