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We offer 

  • General relaxing massage
  • Anti-cellulite massage
  • Medical massage
  • Soap massage (foam-massage)
  • Appi massage with honey
  • Fitotherapeutic and aromatic massage
  • Algo massage with sea-seeds
  • Massage with canes/reeds
  • Exotic massage with components such as chocolate, grape and honey oils
  • Treatment with rice: peeling, wrapping, massage
  • Stone therapy

The combination of grape pits and natural essential oils of Thalac and Algolagie massage oils secures the complex healthy results with manual techniques and aromatic therapy. Its wonderful qualities allow practically making any kind of moments of massage and securing the visitor-patient comfort and pleasure from classical, anti-cellulite, relaxing and other types of massage.
According to their productivity the chosen essential oils have a favorable effect on the visitor-patient's skin and on his/her health in general. Their presence in the massage oils make the massage medical healthy and allows to apply massage courses in the program of figure reshapement, curing cellulite, freshening the skin and managing stress.

  • Classic massage 
  • Relaxing massage (antistress) 
  • Relaxing massage with honey and sesame (antistress)
  • Anticellulite massage
  • Anticellulite massage with honey
  • Aromatherapeutic massage
  • SPA massage with rice
  • SPA Creole bamboo massage
  • Fitotherapeutic and aromatic massage
  • Algo-massage
  • Samurai massage (with bamboo brooms)
  • Fitness massage
  • Druid massage