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1. Classical - by the edge-cut method
2. European - by the non edge-cut method
3. Instrumental manicure
4. SPA manicure: Cleans and codes the skin, contributes to natural and healthy growth of the nails.




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Nail growth and design

Do you only dream of beautiful, strong and natural nails? We offer you to grow your nail by the most up-to-date method without doing any harm to your organism. This technology guarantees absolute natural look of artificial nails even without nail-polish. In order to make some changes in everyday manicure (to break the monotony of everyday manicure) we offer you decorative nails design, which is done for any occasion and mood.




1. Classical
2. Instrumental
3. SPA pedicure

We cure problematic feet and nails with the help of the preparations of Ghewoll world leading pedicure means. For those who wish to relax, take out the stress and raise the tone of the whole organism we offer SPA pedicure, which moistens, softens and rejuvenate the foot-skin. We also do foot massage.