Aquatek swimming team

  Since 2008 there has been  "Aquatek" complex swimming team. Management of the complex does not spare no effort for the progress of children in sport. They are ensured qualified trainers and sports equipment. Due to the much-suffered "Aquatek" complex swimming team participated in several competitions. On 2009 team participated in all the swimming contests of Armenia, such as adult and youth championships in the Republic of Armenia, Gyumri "Mayor's Cup" traditional swimming competition, "Polytechnic" Sports Club Sports Open Championship, ''DDD'' sports club Junior Open Championship, "Aqualand" Club Junior Open Championship. In all tournaments our team sportsmen are occupied prize places. On 2012 October 13 -14 in "Aqualand" Open Junior Swimming Championships our swimmers held in the following position:

1. Levon Vardanyan, 50 m. breaststroke swimming style in the first place, 0,43.4 result, 100 m.,  in the complex swimming style took 2nd place, 1,33.2 results.

2. Shant Darbinyan, 50m. backstroke took 2nd place, 0,41.0 results.

3. Martin Vartanian ,100 m. In the complex swimming style took the 2nd place with 1,23.7 result, dolphin swimming style, 3rd place, 0.36.2 result, 50 m. dolphin swimming style 3rd place, 0,36.2 result. 





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